Dating someone with no college education

Did he leave school to take care of a sick relative? Did he just stop going?

Could the fact that he never finished school doom our relationship?

I have a PhD from a very competitive school; my husband never finished college. We have been married for 16 years. We work in the same field. He has a higher level job and makes more money than I do. More from Love Letters: Her husband is a Trump supporter. Get Today's Headlines in your inbox:.

How I realized it was OK to date a man less educated than I am

Thank you for signing up! Sign up for more newsletters here. Most Popular in magazine Right Arrow. I think essentially people, especially women, are desperate for security. They're so desperate for security that they'll even settle for the illusion of security. He must be prestigious and financially secure!

America is full of people with worthless degrees. I wouldn't be surprised if higher education is a bubble that eventually bursts. Sure, but she still needs to be ambitious and have realistic goals. I prefer a more career oriented girl to be perfectly honest. Most of the women in my family have degrees so I'm exposed to it, but like I said if she working towards something to sustain for the rest of her life she doesn't need a degree.

It was shallow if that is the only reason. I can completely understand not wanting to be with someone that wasn't intelligent or had no goals but there are plenty of people working better jobs than their peers without a degree. I'm one of them. Most of the people I know that have or are going to college still live with their parents. You can still learn every day without going to college it just takes motivation.

I taught myself Spanish and I plan on learning Russian next year.

No college degree, no dates? - Love

Very shallow to judge someone like that, I hope your cousin ends up a very lonely man,x. I have a Bachelor's degree, and I wouldn't have a problem dating someone without a college degree.


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Would you date someone without a college degree?

Yes I would date someone without a college degree. College is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. Some people are also just not able to academically handle college.

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Even more, some must go into the workforce or military after college. Even though I plan on getting a college degree myself, it is wrong to force someone to live like I do. The only education criteria I would not date a girl on is if she was a high-school drop out. High school is not that hard to pass and dropping out shows laziness.


Now, if she had a good reason for dropping out like taking care of family or something, I might accept it. I find it hard to believe a guy would do that to a girl, but it's more understandable when a girl does that to a guy. I don't think I'd turn her down but if she has no plans for college it suggests a lack of ambition to me which makes her seem like a loser.

So if she has no college plans, it's a bit of a turn off. I'm not sure what I would do. I would hope she is planning to go to college because she will never get a good job without a college degree. Yes, if he found a way to make a decent living without going to college. However, when I get older and more established in my career, I might not always feel this way simply because I might outearn most guys without degrees. That college degree is so over rated it's of no use if you can't find a job in your field of study. There are a lot of stuff you can learn outside of college.

So someone without a degree doesn't mean they're dumb. He's entitled to his standards, even if they are shallow to some of us. But to answer your question, yes, I would and have dated guys without a college degree. I would absolutely date someone without a degree, seeing as I myself don't have one, and probably never will.

It's a little shallow to turn down someone without a degree if you have one. It's not like she can't still take care of herself, and get a halfway decent job.