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It makes me sad to invest so much time into someone in return to be fully ignored.

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Turns out, two of my housemates, and the homie I skate with all slept with the same girl over the course of spring quarter. Even worst then that, I know her boyfriend and he says they have been together for a year already. It makes me so sad that this is how life is in IV. Guys seem to cheat on their girlfriends without a second thought. It just seems obvious that if you want to hook up with other people, then be single.

Facebook Pages Cause Free Speech Controversy

Rape becomes almost acceptable, or at least no longer shocking. Sadly, rape happens a lot in IV Isla Vista, where most of the students live. There are a lot more precautions that should be taken, by both men and women, and yet it continues to be an issue.

The only way I can really prove it, though, is with the confession below. She, for sure, was gone. She could barely walk, say words … she was barely conscious. The guy, also drunk, was taking her to a room. It was not okay. We all rested for a couple of minutes on the couch, trying to comprehend what just happened.

Right after we sat down, the same guy came talked to another friend on my right, trying to get her to his room. We left right away. Being thrown into this hookup culture is truly a shock, and kids find themselves scrambling to keep up with everything that is college.

I said earlier that this culture turns people into jerks and sluts, and while this can be true, who are we to judge people for how they live their lives? College is a time for finding yourself, but people in the hookup culture judge you for being less of a slut or less of an alcoholic.

People here are so quick to categorize you on sight. Finding an actual loving relationship and someone you might settle down with becomes impossible. And as we saw above, even when you get in a relationship, the hookup culture makes it so easy for your significant other to cheat on you.

Facebook Pages Cause Free Speech Controversy | The Daily Nexus

All of the above reasons sort of culminate into this ultimate suck-fest: One of the first things we see is a girl doing the walk of shame in the most stereotypical fashion: Whether it be fear of getting hurt or my own narcissism, I have shunned the thought of a committed relationship. It was fun and exciting for a while, but eventually it fades away.

My advice to guys out there is to put your pride aside and give yourself in entirety to one woman. I asked my old roommate who still goes to UCSB and has been single most of her time there, how she felt about the hookup culture there. This is what she said: But if you want a relationship or a friendship, [the hookup culture] sort of ruins that idea because it creates a distance and even an excuse for rudeness and disrespect between men and women.

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If you want the hookup culture and all its trappings, then you have to be willing to accept the consequences. Since its unveiling, the bill has garnered a considerable amount of criticism from campus community members, with some students claiming it acts as a means of censorship by violating the First Amendment right to free speech. In proposing the bill, Kaur — a second-year global studies major and feminist studies minor — said the Facebook pages contain offensive material and UCSB Hook-Ups includes several accounts of sexual assault. Armistead said although she and other faculty have received several complaints regarding the pages and are currently working with affected students, they cannot and will not actively seek to shut down or, in any way, censor the pages.

Calling for censorship is never the right solution. Kaur said she and other students tried challenging the page moderators but were unsuccessful in removing negative material. Students have been trying to report things and it just comes to a point where this is affecting our students and multiple students have felt triggered. They have felt unsafe by things that were posted. But the postings, which include narrations of casual sexual encounters as well as the use of drugs and alcohol, are less to blame than common cultural values existent on campus, according to Christopher Babadjanian, president of College Republicans and fourth-year political science major.

In fact, Babadjanian said limiting the exposure of these pages may only stifle productive dialogue by ignoring the controversial issues they sometimes present. Co-chair of Take Back the Night Alex Moore, a third-year political science major, said his organization endorsed the bill because the UCSB Hook-Ups page presents several narrations of sexual assault incidents, which can be traumatic for survivors of this abuse.

For Moore, the bill acts more as a statement against the potentially harmful and violent behavior of some students.