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Kashmir , Dec 30, Are those bullhorns in a speaker cabinet???

  • 1967 Garnet L90 amp?
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BHighkin , Dec 30, With those horns in the speaker cabinet it looks like the amp might have been designed for use as a keyboard amp - either for an electric piano or an organ. Sorry bout that folks. It seems that a lot of Canadian spawned bands of that era used garnet equipment.

Garnet Amplifiers

They were made in Winnipeg Manitoba. Back in those days the tarrifs on anything not made in Canada and being imported were horrific, so it was more cost effective to shop in country.

Garnets and Traynors are amazing Canadian amps and alot of canadian guitar heroes like Gordie Johnson use both Logieberra , Jan 2, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

Canadian Amplifiers – Garnet

Come and see our roundup of Practice Amplifiers. If anyone ever comes across a Garnet guitar they want to sell, shoot me an e-mail at Synxx69 hotmail. I'm an avid collector of Garnet gear!

I came across your post and I was wondering if you were still interested in a garnet Telecaster? I have one I might consider selling. Fairly good shape, plays fairly well.

Garnet Amps (NAD)

I adjusted the truss rod and got a decent hieght with no buzz even though it could use new strings. Intonation seems good,electrcs work fine with a good range of tone n volume,nice n clear. Top is jet black probly spruce of some kind forward x braced.

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Got a gigbag for it. I'm in Toronto ,Ont Scarborough actually I don't get to my computer much cell is if you would like to txt me n set up a meet ,I'm mobile.

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I'm guessing no Jammer available anymore? I'm still looking if anyone has one. I have a Garnet Jammer..

Garnet Amp and a Austin Electric

I really don't what what I would see it for but I am thinking about getting rid. Greetings from Houston, Tx.

Garnet Amps (NAD)

I see your note about owning a Garnet Jammer is from But, I was interested in one if you still have it and are considering selling. I'll consider any Garnet guitars. It looks exactly like a Fender Telecaster.. Before you go flying off the handle I have garnet jammer amp and was wondering wher i can get some info on it. All websites post amps, I don't have a garnet amp. No model number on guitar visible, just pearl inlay of garnet on the head.