Cs go matchmaking cooldown levels

The system uses the lowest value of TF in a given lobby and then matches with an enemy team around this player's TF. Starting with the October 25, update, skill groups were introduced to help the player understand how the competitive matchmaking works. When entering a selected game mode, the matchmaking system will try to place the player with other players around the same skill level.

Cooldown offence levels and lengths:

Players new to the matchmaking mode will not have a skill group. Additionally, players without a skill group are limited to two competitive matches that result in wins or draws per day until they are placed in a skill group by winning 10 matches to get a rank or drawing a match after the 9th win. If a player does not participate in competitive matchmaking for 28 days, the player's skill group will be hidden, and will require the player to win or draw an additional competitive match to be re-placed in a skill group.

Pip matchmaking was introduced during Operation Hydra.

CS:GO Competitive Mode Explained

Unlike Glicko skill rating system, the player can see how many matches they must win to rank up. Players gets one pip per win match and they do not lose pips until they reach rank 5. If the player is on a 2 or more win streak, the player gets 2 pips as a bonus. If a player has abandoned a match, cheated, or otherwise has committed poor sportsmanship, the player will receive a competitive matchmaking cooldown.

When a player has a competitive matchmaking cooldown, the player cannot participate in any competitive matches for the duration of the cooldown. The player will be notified of any existing cooldowns by a yellow banner at the top of the main menu page stating the reason and the remaining length of the cooldown. There is no known limit to how many levels a person can get. Level 5 - This is given by Overwatch and the time varies. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do I know what my offense level is? Francisco Francisco 16 2 3.

Competitive matchmaking cooldown offences:

What do you mean 'level of offence' Is this only on one server? Level 1 - 30 minutes Level 2 - 2 hours Level 3 - 24 hours Level 4 - 7 days Level 5 - This is given by Overwatch and the time varies. Skye Skye 2 A player is playing but really isn't trying. It is VERY important to know the difference between a bad player, and one who isn't trying. A person might just be having an off game or day and aren't playing at their best. However, it is clear they are attempting to be a team player and are trying to win.

A player who isn't trying is not doing that. They wander aimlessly around the map, get drunk or high, or go AFK for periods too short to trigger the auto kick. In order for you to move up a cooldown level, you have to committ another offense in under 7 full 24 hour days since the previous cooldown expired. To lower your cooldown level you must go 7 full 24 hour days with no infractions. In order to help clarify this, here's an example: Lets say you have gotten your first 24 hour cooldown meaning your previous cooldown was 24 hours.

This means you are at a level 3 cooldown. AFTER the 24 hours are up and you are allowed to play again, you must go 7 days without getting a cooldown for your level to go down by one, putting you at a level 2 cooldown. In order to get your cooldown level low enough for you to get a 30 minute cooldown should you committ an offense, you must go another 14 days without any infractions. This will bring you back to a cooldown level of 0.

In a perfect world the servers would always work, internet connections would be stable, electricity is uninterupted, and people would not be jerks and actually kick you for not clutching. But we live in the real world where all these things happen. Keeping your cooldown level at a 0 or 1 means that, should you be unlucky enough to end up on a bad server, your internet cuts out, your power goes out, or you get teamed up with a bunch of jerks, you will only have to wait 30 minutes or 2 hours to play again.

If you take the proper steps it will be easy for you to avoid getting a cooldown. I will list ways to avoid getting cooldowns for each of the different triggers. Keep in mind though that you can close the game and even restart your computer if you get a glitch or bug and reconnect without getting a cooldown IF you do it in 3 minutes or less. Make sure you will be distraction free and that you have enough time to play a game that might take all 30 rounds.

If you know that in an hour you are going to have to leave, don't get into a competitive match, as they could be as long as 90 minutes. Go to the bathroom and get your drink or snacks before warm up ends. Also don't forget to take your dog out so they don't bother you mid game. They will make a 4 man team just to kick the 5th unlucky solo player that gets paired with them. The best way to avoid being vote kicked is to team up with at least one friend.


Never ask to be vote kicked if you have to leave, are doing badly, or you're getting lag. Doing so puts your team mates at risk for getting a cooldown as well as yourself. Either leave and take the punishment or tough it out. Let them abandon the game and get the penalty.


Don't kick players who are AFK and not moving Don't kick players just because they are bad Don't kick players because they wont vote to surrender. If they are near you can see pretty much exactly where thye are on the mini-map. That way the only way a team mate can get in front of you is if they jump down to suicide. While at spawn, do not randomly click the primary or secondary Mouse1 and Mouse2 while you wait to be unfrozen.

If a team mate is close and you have a one shot kill weapon you might hit them and get yourself kicked.

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Try not to swing your knife while running away from spawn at round start. If you have trolls on your team who are always blocking your shots, there are a few things you can do.

One is to simply not shoot. Another would be to rush the enemy and let them kill you, making the round go by faster odds are the trolls aren't going to stop so finishing the game ASAP is preferable. Finally, if you're feeling lucky, you can attempt to use them as human shields.

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If they are going to keep jumping in front of you, might as well use them to soak up some bulles coming from the enemy. Be careful when throwing HE or fire grenades. If a team mate gets hit by it you could kill them. If you have trolls who will purposefully run into your HE and fire grenades, just don't use them that game. Or make sure to bring a smoke grenade with your fire grenade and extinguish it before they can damage themselves too much.

It's a good idea to warm up anyway, so hop on a casual Valve server and see how your ping is.

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Play for a while to see if you get lag. Make sure your computer is updated and is stable before playing. Also, it may not be a bad idea to disable automatic updates for your PC so that should you disconnect, you won't have to sit through a potentially lengthy OS update and miss your window to reconnect.

Check your security settings on your computer only applies to issues with VAC.

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Check and make sure your drivers are up-to-date. Make sure your hardware is not damaged. If all else fails , contact Steam Support and submit a ticket. Be sure to include any error codes you receive and relevant screen shots.