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Lol, personnaly im against it.

LittleBigPlanet 2

The concept is stupid and creates spam levels which are poorly designed. They don't even know who a certain person is so it could be a 12 year old dating someone who is This isn't the sort of game for this sort of thing Ever heard of a dating site? Real life relationship's of two gamers that play littlebigplanet2. There more rare than dodo birds though. Dating on online games, ugh, one of the things I extremely dislike.

Do adults and teens play Little Big Planet?

But sadly, it's almost everywhere. FreeRealms, Wizard, those kinds of games. It'll take more than 20 gamers to stop it. Absolutely pointless and stupid, its a video game. Just kids living out their fantasises of having intercourse with a pillow. Where in the house is this "Outside" place everyone keeps talking about? Do I have to walk out of my room to find it? They're rarer than dodo birds though.

Yes, especially considering that the dodo is extinct. The only apparent upside to "dating" in a game is that you're forced to judge by personality, not by looks, which isn't much of an upside at all. Keep the love affairs IRL, it will save you getting a visit from "the ten year old that lives across the street". Love is or should be just a deeper form of a close friendship.

I don't see the point in having a relationship with someone online. I can't do long distance real life relationships..

So dating someone I have never even met? I actually tried it when I was young. It's sad I know, but I was immature and didn't know any better: Anyways, going back to a previous post, there have been cases where people have met online and have even had kids. There was a particular case like this in Warhawk.

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Hell, I think it happens in a lot of online games, sadly. I think it's a super stupid concept. LBP is not the only game where people started 'dating'. In games like Maplestory and Habbo Hotel it happens aswell. I think it's pretty desperate. You don't need games to find love. Just get out there. Trust me, it's not that hard. Just give it a shot.

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  • I pretty sure it's a hilarious result of desperation and trolling, got to love trolling. I'm usually half-tempted to play one of those levels and Troll the heck out of it. However I'm concerned for my Sackperson's health It's absolutely pointless and, in my opinion, stupid.

    You don't know who that person is. You shouldn't expose yourself to random people out there. It's like asking a random person on the streets with a sheet over their head to date you. You have no history of their actions, age, location, or condition. Plus, it's just creepy.

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    Finding a video game character attractive? On a level I recently played that had nothing to do with dating , many people found the sackgirl in the back extremely attractive you know what they said, but I won't put that. It's like a disguise. I made that mistake before: I have yet to see people more in love than those two. Wow, so weird how many people are against it, to my point of view, you guys are pretty snobby on this topic.

    Ever heard of kids having fun, people playing around, people role-playing, people living their fantasy? I mean, why do people make RPs in the first place?? Why do A LOT of people play them? It's all about fantasy, you dont have to be so negative about it, and put them in like 2 category's of why they do it It's all to do with playing around, and a lot of people like to play around! Any way, as for the stuff about revealing their personal information to the online stranger.

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    They would never do that. In addition to this tool, more gameplay items, similar to the Metal Gear Solid paintball gun released as downloadable content, are available including a grappling hook, the "Creatinator" - a hat which is worn by Sackboy and can be configured by the Creator to fire any object - and the "Grabinators" which allow Sackboy to pick up and throw grabable objects.

    Enemy creation has also been improved. Players can now create "Sackbots", which are non-player characters whose AI can be controlled by the level creator. Options include determining weak points on the Sackbots, as well as programming routines for the AI to follow. Sackbots can be customised using costumes and decorations in the same way that the player character is and the AI for may be copied and pasted between multiple Sackbots. Sackbots may also be controlled by the aforementioned controlinators.

    All downloadable content from the first game is usable in this sequel, [10] as are most user-made levels from LittleBigPlanet. Players continue Sackboy's journey after the events of the first game and the portable version are brought to an end.

    An inter-dimensional vacuum cleaner called the Negativitron appears over the skies of LittleBigPlanet and begins to suck up its inhabitants, including Sackboy. The organisation is dedicated to battling with the Negativitron and defeating it before it destroys Craftworld. However, the moment they get there, the Negativitron attacks and sucks up some of the lab and the Sackbots, mutating some of them into Meanies.

    LittleBigPlanet 2

    Victoria, after escaping on her train, tells the group that they need to get into the factory and shut down the machine making the Meanies. After shutting it down, though, the Negativitron makes the machine come alive into a spider-like creature that scales the wall of the laboratory. Upon arriving, Sackboy and Larry find the factory's owner Clive Handforth Barry Meade hiding in a can after the Negativitron took over the place. The Sackbots have become enslaved inside the factory, prompting them to rescue as many as they can. When trying to escape from the factory, one of Clive's guard-turkeys escapes and tries to stop them from leaving the factory with the Sackbots.

    Half-way through, though, the Negativitron attacks Avalonia and spreads Meanies throughout. After rescuing the Sackbots among the wreckage of the facility, they get loaded back onto Huge Spaceship and prepare to leave Avalonia, but a Meanie warship attacks the ship. Even though Sackboy defeats the warship, Huge Spaceship crashes and is in need of repair, but only one creator can make it fly again. Victoria suggests the great inventor Dr. Herbert Higginbotham Ewan Bailey , but Clive tells them that when he was at his factory, he was infected by a Meanie during the Negativitron attack.