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Dating Wagner Cast Iron - Wagner Cast Iron Skillet

Thanks for the question. Check out eBay periodically to get a good idea. Also, is that one of the deep versions? I think you could have a nice piece on your hands! What are the markings on the bottom?

Can you tell me the labeling and lettering? Let me know if you need help locating a suitable lid. Nice to see you back here. Can you tell me what is written on the bottom of the cornbread pan? What is your standard cornbread recipe? My dad has a Wagner original cast iron tea pot that is rustled or deteriorated inside Frm yrs of keeping water in it on their wood burning stove. Is it possible to clean the inside and is it of any value? Well, you can clean the inside but it will definitely take some work. Review some of the processes here.

The acid of the vinegar helps to remove the rust. Anyway, let me know about what the bottom of the tea pot says. I inherited my grandmothers deep skillet which looks just like the one at the top of this site. However when trying to clean it up and put in the oven to season it the sheen turned to a thick glue like substance.

Easier to care for too. I miss the craftsmanship.

Thanks for a great site. Now to find steel skillets. I had a small set of Lodge cookware that I assembled over the last few years and they were just so rough. I eventually sanded down the interior of the pans and skillets to smooth them out. You got it right — a craftsman used to sand each one of the pieces of cookware down.

The difference is really something. I had a dutch oven that was seriously deteriorated with thick rust to boot. I worked at a place that had a shot peening machine. I put the oven in it and in minutes shot peening cleaned the oven to bare clean metal ready for a wash and seasoning.

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I tried for 2 days to clean it before that. We still use it to this day. Looking for a polished inside cast iron skillet that has handle with opposing loop on other side. I like the ease of two hand pick up with the loop.

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Know where I could find one. I still have the lid from my old one, but if one is available with lid — I could always use an extra lid.

There is a huge range of prices and quality. I have a wagner Ware Fat-Free Fryer with number. It has a low edge and a ditch around the cooking area, for grease? How can I tell how old it is? Hi Earlene — It sounds like a nice piece of cast iron! Is the logo in the middle or higher up on the bottom of the pan? Thanks for coming by! Hi Billy, nice site.

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I did not see a single good piece I wanted for 6 months. I kind of felt like a thief on that one, its in very good condition. Now, is the logo in an arc or just a block of letters. After a couple of sessions in the electrolysis tank, the outside cleaned up great. Removed a lot of rust. The area with the most rust is inside starting where the sides start to get straight and up 3 to 4 inches from there. I got creative with bailing wire and hung it on its side straight up and down.

The bottom, inside and out cleaned up great but there is just no way to get a line of sight angle on those inside sides, so I am going to bolt an anode to a piece of wood so it hangs inside the kettle without touching or dropping. I will let you know how it goes. The first few videos I saw about using the electro tank on cast iron all used a 2 amp setting so that is what I have used.

I just saw a video where it looked like the guy used 40 amps. Have you ever used more than 2 amps? Thanks for the info, pre would be great. It is the thinnest wall cast iron I have ever seen, much more so than my — Griswold. Very thin and primitive looking.

Doye — That is great! They sure did make those versions thin. It is really cool to have a legacy from your Grandfather. Thanks for coming by. I would like to try and find a bottom to it and also can you tell me how to get all of the gunk off the sides it does have a bit of build up.

I want to make sure I know what you have there — you have the lid to a dutch oven but no dutch oven, right? Based on that assumption, the easiest way to find a dutch oven to match the lid you have is to head to eBay and browse for a few days. They have a wide range quality and a huge selection. As far as cleaning, it can be quite a process.

I would recommend using oven cleaner to strip the gunk and grease off of the lid.

Dating Wagner Cast Iron

Check out this post as a guide since you have to take some safety precautions when dealing with oven cleaner. I cleaned and re-seasoned and it cooks perfect. It is tough to put a real accurate number on the value since there are some regional price differences.