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Problems with the Assumptions. Look through thousands of profiles and personals of single firefighters and choose the one that most appeals to you for dating 10 Cola bottle case is marked A: According to a recent report from CinemaBlend , Cartoon Network has stated that most of Season 8 will take place in space.

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There is a preview video below showing that the crew is not too far from Earth, but that could change very quickly. Then the show could have a Star Trek format where they star visiting other worlds.

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This could be when the show jumps the shark, because the show usually had conflicts with some surreal turn of events in what is usually a typical sitcom plot. It is possible that putting the group in space will reveal where some of these weird things are coming from. JG Quintel, the voice actor and executive producer of the show, has stated that it was the network's idea to end the show. He wants the show to come full circle, and personally, I like it when shows know they are in their final season. This way, the show can spend a whole season saying goodbye. Ever since the first season, Mordecai has loved Margret a cardinal , and the two of them got together.

Then they broke up, and he was dating Cloudy Jay a living cloud , and then that relationship failed. One recent episode teased that Mordecai and Margret would get married, at some future time. Whether or not this comes to pass, who knows. Perhaps it will end with Mordecai single perhaps for the rest of his life, but still content.

It was a big surprise when it was discovered that Eileen and Rigby were dating. Like before she left for college. Margaret walked up to Mordecai and Rigby's table and sat down. Mordecai looked at Margaret and smiled. Mordecai didn't answer and just looked at Margaret. Margaret laughed and looked towards Mordecai. What do you do with your money? Go to the strip club? Mordecai kept on punching Rigby on the arm until Rigby finally answered. It's the right thing to do. Since you been dating her for how long now.

Margaret came walking to the table with two cups and sat them on the table, "I bought you guys coffee. Rigby looked at Mordecai and gave him questionable look. Rigby chuckled and said, "I highly doubt it you would do it anyway, all you would do is just pull a Mordecai. Mordecai stood up and looked at Margaret in the eyes. I didn't know you liked me. I dumped you at Nevermind" Margaret was still blushing from the cute flirt that Mordecai used.

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Please I don't want to see "The Longest Weekend 2. How about "The Kiss"? Mordecai looked over to Rigby and he gave a thumbs up. We're having a date tonight at 6.

We better get going then so Benson doesn't blow out a gum ball. Rigby was on the couch downstairs and ignored Mordecai. Mordecai has been yelling downstairs asking where everything is. Like Rigby knows he barley showers. Rigby got off the couch and walked up the stairs and went into the bathroom. Mordecai was finally finished with his hair. It was slicked back while he had on a white long sleeve shirt with dark blue pants with black dress shoes.

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Hopefully this date goes well. Oh shit it's 5: He arrived to Eileen's house. Mordecai honked the horn and Margaret came running out of Eileen's apartment. She was wearing a black dress that sparkled in the early moonlight. Mordecai smiled and Margret got into the car. Her hair was was the same and she didn't put on makeup. Once they arrived Mordecai rushed out of the car to open Margaret's door. Margaret and Mordecai went up to the counter and bought two tickets.

They got a large popcorn and two sodas. They went into the theaters and sat in the back.

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  6. The movie started and Mordecai was looking at Margaret's black dress. It sparkled in the theaters. Margaret looked at Mordecai and they smiled. It is with you. When Mordecai was dating CJ. The movie was showing the kissing scene. The beaks met and it ended really quickly. Margaret and Mordecai blushed and went back watching the movie.

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    They were walking out of the theaters and Mordecai and Margaret were holding hands. They walked to the car and Mordecai opened the door and let Margaret get into the passenger side. Mordecai walked over to the driver side and got into Pop's car.