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No cancellations or filling seats at the last minute. You can suspend and re-activate yours at any time. Our Membership Fee also offers better value because it includes a personal registration meeting at no extra cost. At Tablemates, our member can reasonably expect a suitable Dinner Invitation every month or so on average throughout their membership. Tablemates has been a successful dinner club for singles since Since then, we have helped countless members form long-term relationships or friendships through our service.

Our members are often time-poor and concerned about how they spend their leisure time and with whom. Attention-to-detail and quality of service form the backbone of our business.

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Since our inception 23 years ago, Tablemates have personally interviewed all members. Our members meet in pre-organized dinner groups of six people to enjoy good food and good conversation — a relaxed, fun and easy opportunity to meet and get to know other singles. How do I join Tablemates? Simply submit the Enquiry Form tab below.

Meet real faces in real places.

We will contact you within 2 business days to arrange for your registration meeting at our office at a mutually-convenient time. We complete a confidential and informal profile, which gives us the information we need to organise suitable dinner groups for you and refine our level of service. Any call rings out and goes to a message. I got the department of fair trading involved, who were useless by the way, only then did she email back addressing one of my concerns that I had expressed.

She refused to give me a refund or even a partial refund. One of these men was in his early fifties, extremely obese and had lived at home with his mother all his life.

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The 4 women at the table could not believe this was happening. I made it clear to the organiser on paying the fee at sign-up that as a professional woman, I would like to meet professional men. At one dinner, one of the two male participants told me his job was digging ditches for the council. Now that's good honest work, but did the organiser honestly think we would be compatible?

This man indicated an interest in seeing me again - yeah right. On another occasion, I asked for clarification about the location details for an event, but the organiser didn't get back to me. And when asked specific questions, the organiser simply dodges them. Verified Customer Enjoying the Interaction.

A Table for Six, has given me the ability to get out and about, meeting new people and forming friendships not only within the AT46 but in my personal and work life. Friends and family have commented on how I have changed for the better. I was shy after being married for14 years, my life was about home and family, I hadn't been to a dinner or cocktail party for many many years. I was introduced to AT46 through a friend who had met her partner at a dinner they now have a home together and are very happy.

My time at AT46 has been the best thing that has happened to me after many years of insecurity about myself, I did some soul searching and came to the conclusion there are other people like me out there that just need a helping hand to interact and enjoy the better things in life.


My contact is Rhyllie and she has been very accommodating and friendly in her approach she has explained that I will get out of it what I put in. I have been to 2 dinners and 3 cocktail funtcions and even though I haven't met the love of my life I have met some very friendly and interesting men and women, this puts me in stead when meeting people in my working life I can interact with everyone and I love catching up with the people I have met at both dinners at the cocktail evenings. The food that is provided at the cocktail parties is delicious and plentiful, each dinner has been at a different venue and wow the food and service can not be faulted.

I love getting dressed up and have regained a interest in my appearence, I look forward to the outings and try to always purchase a new item of clothing or accessory to make up my outfit. As the saying goes "dress to impress. Thank you AT46 for helping me to take my life back.

The concept seems ok at first however they have little to no male members. I was looking to join so that I could meet new people in an age group bracket that were at a similar age and stage in life to me. This is because no one knows the specific reasons about why the other attendees are at the event. They could well be attending just to have a social night out so as not to be stuck at home. Even though I have never joined as a member, I was offered and paid the member price for both events.

Maybe they are offering discount price to get people to attend? At the 2nd cocktail party I attended, I counted 30 attendees, 20 female and 10 male.

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I joined A Table for Six 11 months ago. I have registered for dozens of dinners but only been offered places 4 times. I attended 3 of them. Excellent restaurants and enjoyable conversation but it is clear there are very few men on the books and too many women. Hence it is so hard for women to get a place at a dinner. It is a complete waste of money. First dinner - a great experience. Table for Six is a great concept. It was very well organised and six of us met in a nice restaurant with good food.

It can be quite daunting considering dating again, but this felt natural and easy. Everyone was chatty and inclusive, and it was a thoroughly fun night - what more could I ask. Looking forward to more Tables for Six! Enjoyable as positive first experience. I really enjoyed my first dinner with A Table for Six. Nice restaurant, good food and really enjoyable company. The conversation was comfortable and easy.

Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I am looking forward to the next one. For those of us diving into uncharted waters and for whom the idea of online dating just isn't appealing, this is a mature, refreshing, safe way to meet new people. Having a number of men and women in a group at dinner makes it comfortable and non-threatening. A Table for Six is based on a great concept and the fees are reasonable and transparent. A Table for Six Sunshine Coast, what a scam! I joined a table for six on the Sunshine Coast 6 months ago.

I have registered for at least 3 dinners and heard absolutely nothing! I emailed [name removed] with my complaints and I have still not received any response. One dinner had only myself and one other person there!

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It is a lot of money to pay for such a disappointing experience. I think this is the latest scam and urge people to think twice before joining. I have asked for a refund and again had absolutely no acknowledgement of my emails.

Dinner at Eight Club Membership for Singles in Melbourne

July 7th Update: You email a complaint and you never hear back, you pose as a new customer and surprise surprise, [name removed] will ring you back asap. I know as soon as I post this there will be totally fake reviews or people saying how wonderful it is, I wonder how much you are paying them [name removed] or are you yourself posting the reviews? First dinner - met an amazing man! As a professional female business owner 53 years in Brisbane who hadn't dated for quite a while I thought I would try AT46 as the concept seemed perfect, what did I have to lose?

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  • Welcome to Tablemates.

It took a few months to work up the courage to join but I am so very happy I took this big step. I went to dinner with a group of 5 other lovely people in March, we had lots in common and it was a fun night - good food, wine and conversation. This night, my only dinner, I met a man 3rd dinner who is absolutely amazing, we have so much in common it seems like we have known each other all our lives.

He is just perfect! Thank you so much Rhyllie for your patience as I asked so many questions, your empathy and support and your ability to put like minded people around the same table. It really does work! My man and I have been on a wonderful holiday and have lots more planned. It is so great to spend time with a special someone doing all those things I had been dreaming of on those many lonely nights by myself.

Thanks again we are over the moon and so very happy. October 2nd Update: Update to - "First Dinner- met an amazing man!