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In fact, it could even be viewed as respectable, since you are being honest about it.

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The truth is that there are plenty of things we could all live without, but of the following, which would be the worst to have to do without? Sometimes it just comes down to who you are or are not attracted to. So whether you are white, brown, yellow, black, or purple, your personal preferences can be stated on your online dating profile.

And making your preferences clear will help you find your perfect match! This question is important because somewhere down the line if you end up moving in with whomever you end up dating, pets may also be living with you. If you are deathly afraid of dogs, for example, you may not want to enter into a relationship with someone who has dogs. Or maybe if you are not even afraid of reptiles, you still may not want to live with them.

People checking out your profile want to know these things, too. The answer to this question is of varying importance, depending on who you ask.

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Most dating prospects probably don't care as much about your level of education as they do about what that education has gotten you, meaning your career. If you have managed to become financially stable without any sort of education, good for you! However, it never hurts to have gone to school.

Alcohol may or may not play a role in your romantic relationships.

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But it is good to establish what role it plays in your life before you get into a relationship with someone else. Are you sober due to having had a dependence problem, or because you just choose to be? Do you drink all the time? Do you like to go to happy hour with your friends sometimes? Everyone is good at something, and often your natural talents are in line with your hobbies.

It is nice when what you like to do is also what you are good at. Even better is when you find someone who also likes to do what you like to do, and who is also good at it. But there is also something to be said for opposites attracting. In any case, what is it that you are good at?

When setting up a profile on OK Cupid, you will be asked this question: This is a generalization of course, because no one is really all one or the other. But people are typically MORE one than the other. So when it comes to intensity and being carefree, which one better describes you? Regardless of when you actually want to get married, it is probably best not to be too gung-ho about settling down when you first get to know someone. Women are more guilty of this then men, and men are known to scare off more easily.

But nevertheless, the question must be answered for OK Cupid. So ideally, when would you like to take the plunge? This is yet another actual question posed by the dating website OK Cupid when prompting you to set up your profile. It is a simple question, but speaks volumes as to who you are.

And depending, you might be a weird person who wants to meet a weird person, a weird person who wants a normal person, a normal person who wants a weird person, or a normal person who wants a normal person. The possibilities are endless! Your employment status is pretty important. When you are trying to meet a dating partner, or your future spouse, they are going to want to know if you can stand on your own two feet. Furthermore, a person's employment status can tell others a lot about that person, such as their work ethic, their income, their goals, etc.

Our world is full of various activities that could be considered romantic, but it all depends on personal preference. What you might think of as romantic, another person may not. How people perceive romance can be vastly different, so it is important to give OK Cupid some idea of how you as an individual perceive romance. You Have already started: Resume Quiz Restart Quiz.

Gay Straight Bisexual Other. Under 20 51 or older. Goal-oriented but loving and fun Carefree, chill, and always up for something new Quiet, shy, and unique Athletic, sporty, and always on the go.

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A cute and flirty selfie A photo of me all dolled up An artistic portrayal of how I see myself A fake profile pic. I work hard and I play hard I am in school, and still finding out who I am I am a citizen of the world, exploring and learning every day My life is stagnant at the moment in terms of work, school, and love. Someone passionate and sensitive The intellectual type Someone like-minded and normal I like the wierdos. Very Somewhat Not at all. Rom-coms Horror Action or adventure Comedy.

Far right Far left Middle of the road Other. No, I don't see color Yes, I prefer to date someone who is the same race as me I have some preferences. Yes, they are like my family No, I am not an animal person No, but I am open to having them someday. High school diploma Some college Bachelor's degree or higher.

Heavy drinker I drink socially I am sober. Sports Music Helping people Artistic stuff. In a few years Whenever it feels right. Yes, full-time I am unemployed, retired, or a student Yes, part-time. Kissing in Paris Cuddling by the fireplace Having a picnic Making love. Not all questions have been answered.

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