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What should you put in — or leave out — of your bio? How do you set yourself apart from a seemingly endless stream of other romantic hopefuls? And will that shirtless selfie you took at the gym really woo women the way you think it will? Make it as easy as possible for those doing the swiping to get an unobstructed view of your face.

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According to statistics provided by Bumble , donning a hat in your profile picture reduces your chance of being selected by 12 percent, while sporting sunglasses hurts your chances by 15 percent. Those facing forward in their profile picture, meanwhile, are 20 percent more likely to be swiped in the right direction. Oh, and ditch the moody, brooding pics. One of the biggest mistakes a dating-app user can make is to leave the bio space blank. Typically, the bio is a place for users to write a two- or three-sentence description of themselves.

The average workday swiping session lasts seven minutes and 51 seconds, and people usually log on to a dating app between five and six times each week.

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Though of course people may be using dating apps on their personal devices at the same time. The most common time to swipe at work?

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No harm in having a look around while you enjoy your mid-morning coffee. During off hours, people are still browsing on their work phones.

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Grindr usage peaks at If students are rotating with a copy of the worksheet see variations below , they can also try to figure out which question matches the other student's answer. One ring outer or inner--not both! See variations below for ways to continue and end the activity. The most basic is that students continue rotating, even after they've found their match, to get needed information from other partners to complete their worksheet.

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Remember to keep "date" times tight. Respect their dignity by being sensitive with how much you play up the dating scenario. Arrange desks in concentric circles facing each other.

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